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Antenna Design | GPS/INS Integration | Integrity Monitoring

JPALS: GPS/INS Integration 

To simultaneously increase the availability and integrity of GPS and the stability/accuracy of an inertial navigation system (INS), GPS/INS integration is an important characteristic of an operational JPALS solution. In this regard, the following areas are under active research:

  • GPS/INS Integration Testbed This testbed feature an array of GPS antennas, receivers and inertial measurement units. The platform supports research work aimed as studying GPS/INS integration methodologies for integrity monitoring, shipboard reference station antenna motion compensation techniques and Doppler aided tracking loop performance.
  • Tracking Loops This work will study performance of phase-locked loops for tightly-coupled GPS/INS navigation systems, focusing on the enhancement in integrity monitoring that can be achieved using higher-order tracking loops in highly-dynamic vehicles.

Research Team

Tsung-Yu Chiou, David De Lorenzo, Boris Pervan, Santiago Alban, Dennis Akos, Demoz Gebre-Egziabher, Jenny Gautier, Per Enge.


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